Civil Engineering

Vordenbaum Engineering, Inc., or VEI Consulting Engineers, has been in the business of providing Civil, Structural, Hydrological, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering services for over 26 years. We have provided a wide range of services throughout this time.

Since 1984, VEI has had the opportunity to work with individuals and landowners, private corporations, schools, city and county governments, not-for-profit organizations, and other consulting professionals. VEI has completed, and stands by, thousands of projects in South and Central Texas, that are nearly identical to yours. VEI is dedicated to successfully meeting the challenge of a diversified workload and ensuring that each project is completed in a timely and professional manner.

VEI is registered and has the ability to work in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas (Firm No. F-165).

Site & Land Planning

  • Grading Plans, Utility Plans, Drainage Plans
  • Preliminary & Final Engineering & Plans
  • Preliminary Site Plans
  • Site Assessment Reports & Due Diligence Reports

Single Family Subdivision

  • Construction Documents
  • Drainage, Detention & Retention Facilities
  • Due Diligence & Cost Estimating
  • Entitlements (annexation, zoning, platting)
  • Finance-related Services (help in preparing bank and equity books)
  • Preliminary & Final Engineering
  • Street & Roadway Design
  • Groundwater Availability Engineering Reports

Municipal, Commercial, Multi-Family

  • Municipalities, RV Resorts, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Shopping Centers, Planned Developments, and more)
  • Drainage, Detention & Retention Facilities
  • General Arrangement & Site Development
  • Parking & Building Layouts
  • Topographic, Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Water & Sanitary Sewer Design (PWS, Lift Stations, etc.)
  • Public Water System Design & Operations
  • Groundwater Availability Engineering Reports
  • Irrigation System Design

Road & Bridge Design
Traffic Engineering

  • Drainage Structures
  • Plan Profiles
  • Structural & Geometrical Design
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Traffic Engineering Reports


  • Runway, Apron & Taxiway Design
  • Drainage Studies

Sidewalk Construction & Rehabilitation

  • Construction, Demolition & Rehabilitation Management
  • Development of Affected Area Maps
  • History of working with local governments on grant programs
  • Management of process to submit plans for approval
  • Sidewalk Design & Plans, including ADA ramps and cuts

Platting & Recording Services

  • Prepare plats for government filing and recording
  • Re-platting
  • Manage revision processes

Bid & Project Management

  • Project Administration
  • Bid Tabulation
  • Bid Management
  • Draw Reviews
  • Change Management